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The Sleeping Queen is an opera with libretto by Henry B. Farnie and music by Michael Balfe which was first performed at the Royal Gallery of Illustration, London, on 31 August 1864.

MIDI Files

  • Overture
  • No. 1 - Aria - Regent - "I'm the Regent, I'm the King!  People know it - how they cringe, how they kiss my mantle fringe.  Power!  'tis a glorious thing..."
  • No. 2 - Duet - Agnes and Regent - "I crave a boon which is in sooth your favor for a humble youth I know ... Before you have begun, rest satisfied - it will be done!"
  • No. 3 - Trio - Queen, Agnes and Philippe - "She is heartless! ... No, no! ... No, no! ... She's ungrateful! ... No, no! ... No, no! ... My very life is getting hateful ..."
  • No. 4 - Ballad - Agnes - "'Twas not her face, tho' it was fair;  'twas not her form, tho' it was slender;  'twas not the jewels she might wear, that drew all hearts..."
  • No. 5 - Duet - Queen and Regent - "Proceed, my lord; the Queen will now confer in council with her sagest minister.  Your majesty, the scheme I would advance..."
  • No. 6 - Song - Philippe - "She sleeps! though not a star tells of the waning day.  Upon her fair young face the happy sunbeams play.  Dream lady thou art loved..."
  • No. 7 - Trio - Queen, Agnes and Regent - "Most awful sight for Regent's eyes, this very night the traitor dies, he dies ... I see, I must, I must affect surprise..."
  • No. 8 - Bolero - Queen - "On bended knee men sue to me, homage they offer of wealth and fame.  In festal scene I move a Queen, and ever the music repeats..."
  • No. 9 - Quartett - Philippe, Queen, Agnes and Regent - "Fondly I dream'd my Queen, my love, in the days that are gone by, of maidens' love and soldiers' fame..."

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