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No. 9 - Octet - Men of Business.


Men: Each one of us has a special occupation,
Each organized on a very special plan,
So if you want any special information,
You must apply to a special kind of man.
If you should ask us for something most surprising,
Tact you will fnd we shall always exercise,
As we are all so intent in specializing,
We should supply you with very special lies,
(This kind of joke we've in every size!)
We are men of business,
Each one knows his duty,
Soap for Home and Beauty,
One line we are taught to know,
Just one branch, no more,
So if we don't know that we ought to know,
What are we all here for?
  When in the summer we take a short vacation,
Oh, what a change you will notice in our ways!
Why, from the moment we drive up to the station,
Even the guard knows we're on our holidays.
Quickly we make for the nearest empty smoker,
We're off at five, though we're due to start at three;
Then we sit down to a little game of poker,
Till we arrive at the sentimental sea,
Where all the girls are as sweet as can be!
That's when we mean business,
Coats we button tight up,
Big cigars we light up,
Then we buy a button-hole
And parade the shore,
So if we don't kiss ev'ry little girl,
What are we all there for?

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