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Tina is a musical play in three acts by Paul Rubens and Harry Graham, lyrics by Paul Rubens, Percy Greenbank and Harry Graham, music by Paul Rubens and Haydn Wood, which opened at the Adelphi Theatre, London, on 2 November 1915.

Dramatis Personæ

CARLO (Duke of Borgolese) Mr. Godfrey Tearle
NICO (The Duke's Valet) Mr. Fred Wright
ANTONIO BELLONI (Chairman of General Gondola Co.) Mr. Ben Osborne
RINALDO (Chef d'Orchestre) Mr. Rohan Clensy
LORD BEDLINGTON Mr. Harry Drummond
BONNARD (The Duke's Chef) Mr. Jan Oyra
BEPPO (His Butler) M. T. Del Lungo
A GONDOLIER Mr. Martin King
ALFONSE (A Waiter) M. Leon M. Lion
WILLIAM VAN DAM (A Dutch Cocoa Manufacturer) Mr. W. H. Berry
RITA (Belloni's Manageress) Miss Mabel Sealby
CARMEN (Member of Rinaldo's Orchestra) Miss Yvonne Reynolds
FREDA (Van Dam's Secretary) Miss Luna Love
POMONA Miss Dorothy Waring
TESSA Miss Chloe O'Hara
FIAMETTA Miss Jessie Fraser
NELLA Miss Rosie Campbell
JULIA Miss Dolly Balfe
JESSICA Miss Claire Lynch
NETTA Miss Gracie Sinclaire
CARINA Miss Connie Stuart
TINA (Van Dam's Daughter) Miss Phyllis Dare

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Palace of the Duke of Borgolese, Venice.

ACT II   -   Beauville-sur-Mer.

ACT III   -   Mr. Van Dam's House in Paris.


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