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No. 1 - Opening Chorus


Ladies: Where the gigantic Ocean Atlantic
Breaks in a beautiful bay,
In the department now on the chart meant
By the name Basses Pyrenees.
Over its sands Biarritz stands,
Dear to the wealthy of numberless lands;
Very tip-top visitors stop,
Look, and look in at this favourite shop,
favourite, favourite shop!
Bridal bouquets, all roses and maiden-hair,
Clusters and sprays to suit any shade in hair!
Pinks that denote conspirators sinister,
Orchid for coat of Cabinet Minister!
Every flower that's down in the botany
Sent in an hour if anyone's got any!
Do not forget the shop in which we are, it's
Run by Suzette, near Grand Hotel, Biarritz!
Visitors: If you love a maiden and would win her, pray,
Roses perfume-laden bring her ev'ry day!
When their bloom uncloses all you'd say is said;
Only send her roses, white and pink and red!
Gentlemen: If you care to make us happy as a king
You have but to take us with the flow'rs we bring.
Ladies: You may call us fairer than the flow'rs of spring,
All: But to win the wearer, that's another thing!
Oh, Suzette is quite unique
In the dainty floral art,
And the English call her "chic,"
And the French pronounce her "smart!"
If you're married, born, or dead,
If you're courting a coquette,
Very nasty things are said
By the fashionable set
If you do not go and get
Floral tributes from Suzette,
From Suzette!

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