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No. 4 - Canoe Song - Gretchen and Rip -
"Where floweth the Wild Mohawk River."


Rip: Where floweth the wild Mohawk river,
A-down the long rushes that quiver,
Waits my canoe,
Light birch canoe,
Waits, love, for me and for you!
I'll make thee soft robes of opossum,
In thy hair twine the champak in blossom,
O'er forest and foam,
Far let us roam,
There, only there, be our home!
Gretchen: Would it were so! but ah! I fear
Rivals a-field to you more dear.
Rip: Rivals a-field? Not so, my queen,
Gretchen: List while I tell you what I mean!
Rip: Tell me, my queen, what rivals...
Gretchen: The forest! The wild river flowing!
The blue heav'n, the frolic gale blowing!
Gun and canoe! Gun and canoe!
Enjoyment for one, not for two!
Enough for you, and for you only,
While I in my solitude lonely
Pine for the home I left
for the desert to roam!
Both (Rip's words):
  Come! my canoe
In the rapid river is waiting for you!
(Gretchen's words):
  Ah! your canoe,
Tho' enough for one, is not, love,
enough, not enough, love for two!

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