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Ruddigore is not one of the great favourites, but it contains one or two items which call for comment. One is Miss Eileen Sharp's performance of Mad Margaret. There have been other Mad Margarets, some very excellent, but I hardly think any have excelled her interpretation, particularly in the peculiarly mad and wildly inconsequent song, 'Cheerily Carols the Lark.' Often it is that lunacy is at once tragic and comic, and really in this scene one is apt to doubt Miss Sharp's sanity, though never her ability. In the second act there are two items, either one of which is sufficient of itself to justify the whole work. The first is the magnificent song, 'The Ghost's High Noon,' which seems exactly to suit Mr. Darrell Fancourt, while the chorus is rendered superbly as it is written. The second is the duet between Mr. Fancourt and Miss Bertha Lewis, which is perfect and could not have been better sung.

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