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The only thing to which one could take exception in the recent presentation of the Sorcerer was Mr. Goulding's moustache. I gather that a moustache is necessary, because until not very long ago Army officers were forbidden to shave the upper lip; but so far as I know, there were never any regulation designs for moustaches, and Mr. Goulding would merit congratulation if he could in some way rebuild his moustache. It is essentially a non-commissioned moustache, and a source of mild exasperation in an otherwise excellent production. Mr. Sheffield's Dr. Daly is so natural that one has difficulty in believing that he has not taken Holy Orders, and Mr. Lytton's John Wellington Wells makes that incredible person very nearly credible. This opera contains, perhaps, the most exquisite quintette of all the operas; and a very pleasing gavotte which gives Miss Bertha Lewis further scope for her especially graceful curtseys, which filled me with keen admiration here just as they did in the Gondoliers, where her dignified Duchess of Plaza-Toro contrasted delightfully with Mr. Lytton's playful Duke.

Henry Lytton
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