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I should think that Mr. Fancourt would ,make a wonderful ogre at a children's party. Nobody who did not enjoy it could possibly bear to look as terrifying as his Mikado, while he plays that bloodthirsty part with every evidence of sincerity. Mr. Darnton's Nanki-Poo was played with a considerable amount of dash, though with perhaps less dignity than befits a royal, albeit incognito, personage, while his excellent voice did full justice to the 'Wandering Minstrel' song. I personally am of the Patience school, and do not give the Mikado first place, as do many. I detest the three little maids, and their inevitable giggle. They are true to type, perhaps; but what a wretched type. Miss Winifred Lawson is one of the best sopranos in the country but, unfortunately, she has only one song in the Mikado, and has to wear a black wig. This song, ‘The Moon and I,’ undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Sullivan ever wrote was perfectly rendered, and helped to make amends for the black wig and the giggles.

Darrell Fancourt
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