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As Casilda in the Gondoliers Miss Lawson has not a great deal to do, which is a pity, because one does not often hear a voice like hers; and the audience was prevented, by the furious speed at which it was sung, from properly enjoying the duet between her and Mr. Millidge (Luiz), which takes place as soon as they are left alone together. The circumstances indicate a measure of agitato; possibly allegro agitato. But certainly presto is undesirable, and the rate at which this duet was taken seemed only to be limited by the mobility of the features of the artists and the flexibility of the conductor's right arm. Of the two gondoliers, Mr. Sydney Granville has a most charming stage personality, and Mr. Pointer's 'Sparkling Eyes' encore, on what I can only describe as his muted larynx, was very pleasing. Mr. Sheffield's Don Alhambra was so benign that one felt that invitations to his inquisitions would be as keenly sought as cards for a Buckingham Palace garden party. His performance is always delightful, and his Don Alhambra is no exception; but it would be interesting to see whether Mr. Fancourt would be as benevolent a Grand Inquisitor. I think not. Mr. Fancourt gets so thoroughly inside a part that the mere title of Grand Inquisitor would almost certainly make him horrible. His performance of Dick Deadeye in Pinafore is an example of how horrible he can appear. It is a wonderful performance in a wonderful, if sickening, make-up.

Casilda & Luiz
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