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Marriage Licence of Richard Carte and Eliza Jones (Richard D'Oyly Carte's parents) issued on 30 December 1839. They were married the next day.

Richard D'Oyly Carte was born on 3 May 1844. The birth index page is not very legible and his middle name appears to be misspelled: "D Olyly". The full record can be found at the
UK General Register Office:  May 1844; District: Strand;  Volume I, Page 377.

1851 Census [30 March]. Richard Carte and his two daughters are at home at 2 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, London. Richard D'Oyly Carte and his mother are visiting Thomas W. Jones (Richard D'Oyly Carte's uncle?) in Hastings.

1861 Census [7 April]. Richard and Eliza Carte and their children, Richard D'Oyly, Blanche, Viola, Rose, Henry and Eliza are living at 2 Dartmouth Park Road, St. Marylebone.

Blue Plaque
A Blue Plaque on the house in Dartmouth Park Road
was unveiled by Mike Leigh on 14 December 2010.

Marriage Certificate. Richard D'Oyly Carte married Blanche Julia Prowse on 24 August 1870.

1871 Census [2 April]. Richard D'Oyly Carte and his wife are lodging at 24 North Street, Westminster.

Baptismal Record. Richard D'Oyly Carte's second son, Rupert (who would inherit his father's business interests), was born on 3 November 1876 and baptised on 26 January 1877.

Visits to New York on the Gallia, arriving 24 June 1879 ( to find a theatre suitable for the official production of Pinafore in New York) and again on the Gallia, on 22 June 1880.

1881 Census [3 April]. Richard D'Oyly Carte and his two sons, Lucas and Rupert, are shown living with his parents, Richard and Eliza Carte, at 2 Dartmouth Park Road, Marylebone. Richard D'Oyly Carte's wife, Blanche, is not present.

Visits to New York on the Servia arriving 12 January 1882 (Carte gave an interview to the Tribune on arrival) and on the Alaska arriving 26 February 1883.

Richard D'Oyly Carte's first wife, Blanche, died aged 32 on 21 August 1885 in Kingston [3rd quarter, volume 2a, page 187] whilst he was in New York for the opening of The Mikado. He married Helen Couper Black (Helen Lenoir), his long time assistant on 12 April 1888 at the Savoy Chapel with Sullivan as his best man [2nd quarter, volume 1b page 863].

Visit to New York with Helen on the Saale arriving 27 January 1890.

1891 Census [5 April]. Richard D'Oyly Carte and his wife are living at 4 Adelphi Terrace, their home since their marriage. They have six servants.

1901 Census [31 March]. Richard D'Oyly Carte, his wife, Helen, and his son, Rupert, are at 4 Adelphi Terrace. Richard is in his last illness (he died 3 April) and besides six servants, two hospital nurses are in attendance. Amusingly, the name of their footman is Arthur Sullivan.

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