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After All


Dialogue Following Song No. 4

VOICE (outside in passage, sharply). George!

PEN. (collapsing). She’s come back!

Enter MARIA, excitedly.

MARIA. Oh, please, sir, it’s Missus! She’s missed the train and she’s in such a temper. She’s having a row with the cabman, and she wants you to go out directly, please, sir!

CABMAN. (outside). You give me my proper fare.

VOICE. (more angrily and shrilly). George!!

PEN. Coming! my dear, coming!

SEL. That voice! — My dear fellow, I really must go. (Rises.)

PEN. Yes, perhaps you’d better. Maria, let the gentleman out by the garden-gate. Help him on with his hat and coat, Maria. (Excitement and confusion. SELWORTHY passes out by French windows, and pauses, looking at object outside.)

CABMAN. (outside). You give me my proper fare! Call yourself a lady? Why I’ve druv you a matter of four miles o’ ground, and here you offers me eighteen-pence!

VOICE. (exasperated to highest pitch). G-e-o-r-g-e !!!

SEL. (returning from windows and rushing to PENNYFATHER). That my Perdita? Pennyfather, I forgive you — AFTER ALL!

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[The Prelude to the Duet is played as the Curtain falls, striking it smartly at the last word.]

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