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Opening Dialogue

The scene represents a pretty rural landscape. On the right, across the fields, can be seen a quaint "Queen Anne" country house; on the left, a rustic bridge crosses a little stream, which is supposed to supply a large pond, the fence and rushes surrounding which are noticeable on the right. There is a rustic bench on this side of the picture. It is a warm summer evening. Piscator enters, carrying his rod and fishing-basket. He stops at the seat to arrange his tackle.

PISCATOR.   The day's a fair one — no doubt of that!
I've studied all the best authorities;
And circumstance unusual and strange —
All the authorities are here agreed.
Now, my rod's ready. (He looks around.) Not a soul about:
No rival in the field, or (what is worse)
Intrusive passers-by with beastly dogs,
Eager to fetch projected walking-sticks,
And spoil projected sport. Ah! 'tis, in truth,
A merry, merry life!

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