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The Carp

Dialogue following No. 3

AMANDA. I've but one hope in life--and that's to die!
  Off, wretched weeds? (She flings away her cloak.)
One plunge, and then my woes —

(At this moment PISCATOR returns for his bait-can, and AMANDA, hurrying towards the pond, runs against him.)

PISCATOR (bowing). I beg a thousand pardons!
AMANDA (wildly). Double them!!
  And multiply by anything you please;
Add what you like; produce the quotient,
E'en to the farthest limit of the dot
That marks an oft-recurring decimal;
Let x be equal to a million;
Subtract not from the nth power of apology
One single surd; but do not bar my way!
PISCATOR (amazed). Indeed! Why not? Kindly explain yourself!
AMANDA (gripping his arm with demented earnestness).
  If two to one bar one, they may succeed;
But 'tis but you and I; and I am young,
Healthy and vigorous —
PISCATOR (rubbing his arm). I feel you are!
AMANDA. Whilst you are but a feeble, frail, old man,
  Puny and weak —
PISCATOR (drawing himself up). Indeed? I beg your pardon!
AMANDA. I'm desperate. Be warned, and let me pass!
PISCATOR (aside). She's rather muscular. I'll temporise.
  (Aloud) Where do you want to go?
AMANDA. To yonder pool!
PISCATOR. To drink? Insanitary!
AMANDA. No! To drown!
PISCATOR. Puppies or kittens, may I ask?
AMANDA. Myself!
PISCATOR. Your motive?
AMANDA. Hopeless love!
PISCATOR (turning away disgusted). Another of them!
  Why can't they leave a fisherman in peace?

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