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The Carp

Dialogue following No. 5

AMANDUS. 'Tis six! My time has come at last!
Sweet maiden, would we two had met before;
But 'tis too late — (waving his hand to landscape)
  So, love and life, adieu!
AMANDA. Oh no! You really mustn't think of it.
For my sake, wait until to-morrow night;
Postpone your plunge, and tell to the reporters
How 'twas Amanda died!
AMANDUS. A lady's wish
  To me was ever law. On one condition,
I'll do as you desire.
AMANDA. I grant it freely.
AMANDUS. 'Tis that you do take time — a day or two —
Just to think over it.
AMANDA. Nay! that were vain! (Going.)
  Stranger, farewell! I seek my watery bed!
AMANDUS. Do not! Please, do not! (He brings her back.)
AMANDA. Tell me truly this (tenderly).
  Would it annoy you greatly if I did?
AMANDUS (solemnly). Upon my word, it would!
AMANDA (sweetly). Well then, I yield:
  Out of politeness, I'll consent to live.
AMANDUS (with effusion). How can I thank you for this courtesy?
AMANDA. Support my trembling steps through yonder wood:
We may perhaps discover, on our way,
A quiet, well-conducted hermitage
Where they may take in lodgers; there I'll stop,
And there, in solitude, await my end!
(He gives her his arm, and they move towards the bridge.)
AMANDUS (turning back, as an idea strikes him).
  But think — perchance the hermit may object
To single ladies without references!
AMANDA (tenderly and softly). Wilt thou not be my reference?
AMANDUS (solemnly). I will!

(He takes her round the waist, and she lays her head upon his shoulder for a moment.
Then they go across the bridge together.

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