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Companion Piece Book by Music by Performed with
Dora's Dream Arthur Cecil Alfred Cellier The Sorcerer,
Nov 1877-Feb 1878.
The Spectre Knight James Albery Alfred Cellier The Sorcerer, Feb-Mar 1878.
H.M.S. Pinafore,
May-Aug 1878.
Trial by Jury W. S. Gilbert Arthur Sullivan The Sorcerer, Mar-May 1878.
The Sorcerer,
Oct 1884-Mar 1885.
The Sorcerer, Sep-Dec 1898.
H.M.S. Pinafore,
Jun-Nov 1899.
Cups & Saucers George Grossmith George Grossmith H.M.S. Pinafore,
Aug-Dec 1878.
H.M.S. Pinafore
(with After All),
Dec 1878-Feb 1880.
After All Frank Desprez Alfred Cellier

H.M.S. Pinafore (with Cups & Saucers), Dec 1878-Feb 1880.
Children's H.M.S. Pinafore (with In the Sulks), Feb-Mar 1880.
The Mikado, Nov 1895-Mar 1896.
The Grand Duke, Apr-Jul 1896.
The Mikado, Jul-Aug 1896.
Yeomen of the Guard, May-Jun 1897.

In the Sulks Frank Desprez Alfred Cellier Children's H.M.S. Pinafore (with After All),
Feb-Mar 1880.
Pirates of Penzance,
Apr 1880-Apr 1881.
Apr-May 1881.
Patience, Oct 1881.
Uncle Samuel
Arthur Law George Grossmith Patience,
May-Oct 1881.
Mock Turtles Frank Desprez J. Eaton Faning Patience,
Oct 1881-Nov 1882 .
Nov 1882-Mar 1883.
A Private Wire Frank Desprez & Arnold Felix Percy Reeve Iolanthe,
Mar 1883-Jan 1884.
The Carp Frank Desprez Alfred Cellier The Mikado,
Feb 1886-Jan 1887.
Feb-Nov 1887.
Mrs. Jarramie's Genie Frank Desprez Alfred Cellier & François Cellier H.M.S. Pinafore,
Nov 1887-Mar 1888.
Pirates of Penzance,
Mar-Jun 1888.
The Mikado,
Yeomen of the Guard,
Oct 1888-Nov 1889.
Captain Billy Harry Greenbank François Cellier The Nautch Girl,
Sep 1891-Feb 1892.
The Vicar of Bray,
Feb-Jun 1892.
Mr. Jericho Harry Greenbank Ernest Ford Haddon Hall, Mar-Apr 1893.
Jane Annie, Jun-Jul 1893.
Quite an Adventure Frank Desprez Edward Solomon The Chieftain, Dec 1894.
Cox & Box F. C. Burnand Arthur Sullivan The Chieftain,
Dec 1894-Mar 1895.
Weather or No Adrian Ross & William Beach B. L. Selby The Mikado,
Aug 1896-Feb 1897.
His Majesty, Mar-Apr 1897
Old Sarah Harry Greenbank François Cellier Yeomen of the Guard,
Jun-Nov 1897.
Grand Duchess of Gerolstein, Dec 1897-Mar 1898.
The Gondoliers,
Mar-May 1898.
Pretty Polly Basil Hood François Cellier The Rose of Persia,
May-Jun 1900.
Dec 1900-Apr 1901.
The Outpost A. O. Bartholeyns Hamilton Clarke Pirates of Penzance,
Jun-Nov 1900
Patience, Nov-Dec 1900
The Willow Pattern* Basil Hood Cecil Cook Ib &Little Christina, Nov 1901
Iolanthe, Dec 1901-Mar 1902
A Welsh Sunset Frederic Fenn Philip M. Faraday H.M.S. Pinafore and
The Pirates of Penzance in repertoire, Jul-Oct 1908 and Dec 1908-Feb 1909

* The Willow Pattern and Ib & Little Christina (a "Musical Picture in Three Panels" with words by Basil Hood and music by Franco Leoni) were of comparable length (somewhat shorter than a Savoy Opera, but longer than the typical companion piece) when they played together 14-29 Nov 1901. When paired with Iolanthe on 9 Dec 1901, The Willow Pattern had been condensed.

Michael Walters and George Low have done a considerable amount of research into the companion pieces played both at the Savoy and by D'Oyly Carte companies on tour. This was published in 1990 in "Gilbert and Sullivan Pamphlet No. 2: Curtain Raisers."

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