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Dialogue following No. 6

JERICHO. If the Earl of Margate will favour me with a testimonial to the effect that he allows only Jericho's jams to be placed on his breakfast table, I will guarantee him an annuity sufficient to live comfortably in Bayswater, and to keep a cook and housemaid.

MICHAEL. Then I will accept your offer, kind friend. Even an Earl may tire of blacking his own boots.

WINIFRED (to JERICHO). If you have any idea of marrying my mother, sir, — would it not be well to get me out of the way?

JERICHO. What do you think, Dulcibella?

LADY B. I think it would be a judicious step, dear.

JERICHO. Then, if Viscount Ramsgate will accept a share in the jam business. I will instruct my solicitor to prepare a deed of partnership. (To HORACE.) Your income will be at least two thousand a year under such an arrangement.

HORACE. What do you say, Winifred? I shall be sacrificing a great deal. The horse is a noble animal.

WINIFRED. Yes, Horace, I quite see that.

HORACE. There would be no more exhilarating rides for you to Marshall and Snellgrove's, with your Horace at the ribbons.

MICHAEL. These are vain regrets, my boy. Remember that your 'bus is totally disabled, and that the last post tonight will probably bring you a dismissal from the Company's service for furious driving.

HORACE. True, father.

WINIFRED. Then you will accept the offer of partnership, Horace?

HORACE. I think so, darling.

WINIFRED. Oh! Horace, a little while ago the cup held to our lips was full of bitterness, and now it is so overflowing with sweetness that it almost takes my breath away.

HORACE. Do not fear that it will cloy, my darling; yon and I will never, never weary of sweet things.

JERICHO. Of course you won't, not while you're a partner in Jericho's jams; and I hope the public won't either, but I trust they will continue to ask for no other; see that they get 'em, and notice the trade mark on the label and the signature, "Jericho," without which none are genuine?

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