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I. Introduction
II. Libretto [PDF, 100KB]
III. MIDI files sequenced by Colin Johnson
IV. Frank Desprez


First produced Savoy Theatre 11th October 1881 to 22nd November 1882 as a curtain raiser to Patience, then from 26th November 1882 to 30th March 1883 with Iolanthe.

No printed libretto in British Library, but vocal score published by Chappells, copy in library at H.1918 (16), published 1882, contains full dialogue as well as music.


MR. WRANGLEBURY Courtice Pounds 1
MRS. WRANGLEBURY Minna Louis/Rose Hervey
MRS. BOWCHER Rosina Brandram
JANE (non singing) Sybil Grey

Sometime during the first run Arthur Law replaced Pounds. When Law left, probably at the end of the run of Patience, Pounds resumed the part until he too left the Savoy in December 1882 to go on tour; then Eric Lewis took the part.

Played on tour from December 1881-1882 with cast: J.Duncan Young, Agnes Taylor, Beatrice Grosvenor and Ada Seaton. On tour 1882 with W.T. Hemsley, Misses Millner, Vincent and "Alma" [?=Annie] Bernard. On tour also 1882 with Leonard Vincent, Rita Presano, Clara Deveine, and Elsie Cameron. On tour 1883 with J.Duncan Young, Agnes Taylor, Annie James and Madge Evans. On tour Christmas 1883 - New Year 1884 (Bath-cast unknown). On tour April-May 1884 (Oldham-cast unknown). On tour July to December 1884 with Percy Charles, Misses Seaton and Webb.


Mr. and Mrs. Wranglebury quarrel like two tigers whenever they are together. Things come to a head when Mrs. Wranglebury's mother comes unexpectedly to stay. Mr. Wranglebury borrowed money from his mother-in-law many years ago to start his business, and is fearful that she may ask for it back. They pretend to be very amiable, and discover that they really prefer being amiable to each other. When the servant Jane nearly spoils everything by telling the mother-in-law of the quarrels, she is branded a liar and sacked on the spot.

[1] This was Courtice Pounds's first part. He had started as a chorister in Patience.

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