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First produced at the Savoy Theatre 17th June 1897 and performed for a total of 252 performances, from 17th June to 31th July, and from 16th August to 20th November with The Yeomen of the Guard; from 10th December to 12th March 1898 with The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein; and from 22nd or 23rd March to 21st May 1898 with The Gondoliers.

No libretto in British Library. Vocal Score, which includes full dialogue, published by J. Williams, copy in British Library at F.689.b.(4) [1898]


THE RT. HON CLAUDE NEWCASTLE, Chancellor of the Exchequer Jones Hewson
ARCHIBALD JONES, Income Tax Collector   Charles Childerstone
SIMON, a Smuggler Charles Herbert Workman
MARGERY, his Daughter   Jessie Rose
OLD SARAH   Louie Henri

Scott Russell took over from Childerstone December/January. When Workman left in December he was replaced first by Edwin Bryan, then by (?Iago Lewys and) Leonard Russell. Miss Murray appeared in the title role briefly at the end of February; the part was taken over by Jessie Pounds from March


Dullport is a very dreary seaside town out of season. Old Sarah, who has a sweetie stall, has only sold 2 ounces of acid drops and a pennyworth of mint rock in 7 weeks. Simon smuggles rum as the only way to make an (honest?) living. Because nobody has any money they all hate Archibald Jones, the Income Tax Collector, all that is except his sweetheart Margery. The chance arrival of Claude Newcastle puts the cat among the pigeons. By snooping about he discovers a lot of things about people's incomes. However when he snoops on Sarah she locks him in a bathing machine and threatens to drown him in the sea. He is, however, rescued by Archibald, forgives everybody, and all ends happily.

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