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From The Times, Saturday, July 18, 1908.

JENNY JONES Miss Beatrice Meredith
GRIFFITH DAVID Mr. Strafford Moss
MRS. JONES Miss Ethel Morrison
MARY FEWLASS Miss Mabel Graham
NANCY RAINE Miss Beatrice Boarer
GWENNY DAVIS Miss Bertha Lewis
OWEN RHYS Mr. Leo Sheffield
JOHN LLOYD Mr. Sydney Granville

This operetta, by the author and composer of Amasis, now precedes H.M.S. Pinafore. If contrast was desired, it has been obtained. Nothing could be more unlike Gilbert and Sullivan than Fenn and Faraday as revealed in A Welsh Sunset. It is a sentimental, even a sickly little piece, showing the death at sunset of Jenny Jones, a Welsh “girl in weak health,” while her lover, Griffith David, who has just won the prize for singing at an Eisteddfod, is singing to her. Entirely unworthy of the author of Amasis, it is almost equally unworthy of the composer. Jenny Jones has a pretty song at the beginning, and the overture is good; the rest has no character. Perhaps if the piece were finely performed it would seem more satisfactory, but only Miss Meredith did justice to the music, and the orchestra was too prominent throughout.

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