.. And Finally!

Now that the excitment of Festival Five is just a 'silent solemn memory' here are just a few final thoughts from your Webmistress and Web Photographer.

This is the fifth year we have attended the Festival in Buxton and it is one instance where the laws of diminishing returns certainly does not apply - the Festival gets better every year.

Highlights for us were:

If there were any lowlights these would be:

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who sent their appreciation and encouragement for the web site during the Festival - it kept us going.

The unsung heroes for us were Dr Clive Woods who some days played the piano non-stop from "morn 'till eventide" and Peter Zavon who, with good humour and patience, let us invade his hotel room for sometimes up to three hours each day in order for us to create the web site.

Thanks also to the Smiths for upgrading our seats whenever possible to enable us to take the best possible images of the shows.
Bob and Jackie Richards