Day 6 - Monday 3 August

Today's events:
  • From Lady Tenors to Groucho Marx by Stephen Turnbull
  • The Gondoliers - Abbotts Langley G&S Society
  • Festival Club with Pot Luck 'Mikado'
  • Contents:
  • First rehearsal for Savoynet Trial by Jury
  • From Lady Tenors to Groucho Marx
  • The Gondoliers
  • The Festival Club

  • First Rehearsal of the Savoynet Trial by Jury

    Savoynetters gather in the rehearsal room at the Palace Hotel.
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    Picture of rehearsal

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    Picture of the Ensemble
    I Hear the Soft Note

    David Cound, Julie Bjerregaard, Samuel Silvers, Jackie Richards, Sharon Brindle, Nick Sales and Phillip Walsh for the Poole's Cavern sing while the piano is being dispatched to the rehearsal room.

    Producer, Mike Nash and Musical Director, David Cound, start rehearsals for the Savoynet Trial by Jury.
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    Picture of Mike Nash

    From Lady Tenors to Grouch Marx

    Favourite off the wall recordings by Stephen Turnbull

    Stephen Turnbull, Secretary of the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society, and a Savoynetter, gave a presentation in the Paxton Suite on favoroite "off-the-wall" recordings. In addition to the usual transcription of the voice of Sir Arthur Sullivan as recorded on an Edison Cylinder in 1888, we heard such unusual pieces as Frankie Howard doing (or doing in) "The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring," and a bagpipe rendition of The Mikado from which none was able to extract the melody.

    After a pleasant and interesting hour, the audience was about to leave when Ian Smith turned up and asked us to stay. It seems that BBC Northwest was filming pieces of the festival. Gillian Knight had just arrived from Finland and they wanted to record something giving the effect of a Master Class. So we were the Master Class audience for 15 minutes, while Neil Smith sang 'When I, good friends, was called to the Bar' from Iolanthe and received comments and suggestions from Gillian as the camera and sound specialists moved about recording this and that. Despite the clear intent merely to provide a sound bite for part of a Friday broadcast previously announced to Savoynet, it did seem to me that Neil incorporated some improvements to his performance as a result of Gillian's suggestions.
    by Peter Zavon

    A more detailed review by Nick Sales

    The Gondoliers by Abbotts Langley G&S Society

    Director: Martyn Knight
    Musical Director: Peter Jones

    Abbots Langley is a village in Herfordshire 20 miles north of London and was formed in 1951 by the new Vicar of the Church of St Lawrence the Martyr. They perform annually at the Edwardian Palace Theatre.

    Roses White and Roses Red

    A feature of the production was the ever-present choreography.

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    Picture of Contadine

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    Picture of the Ducal Party
    We will never, never, never cross the sea again!

    Casilda (Lucy Logan), The Duke of Plaza Toro (Colin Self), The Duchess (Brenda Southorn) and Luiz (Stuart Collier).

    One of you may be Baptisto's son

    Tessa (Emma Southorn), Giuseppe (Nicholas Maude), Don Alhambra Del Bolero (Fred Bagley), Marco (Robert Milner) and Gianetta (Julie Nicholson).

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    Picture of Don Alhambra

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    Picture of the Duke and Duchess
    But I found that a reliance on my threatening appearance!

    Here is a case unprecedented
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    Picture of 'Here is a Case'

    The Festival Club with Pot Luck 'Mikado'

    Your photographer was delighted to play the part of KoKo in the pot luck Mikado.

    Your webmistress would like to add that it was a well appreciated performance of KoKo by Bob Richards.

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