Sunday 1 August 1999

Daytime activities:

11.00 am - In conversation with Phillip Potter

2.30 pm - "Emerald Isle"
- St David's Players, Exeter

3.30 pm - Hallamshire Military Brass Band play Gilbert & Sullivan

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "Utopia Limited"
- Trent Opera

10.00 pm - Festival Club and Cabaret


Utopia Limited - Trent Opera

King ParamountStephen Godward
ScaphioMichael Tipler
PhantisSteve Andrews
TararaTom Parry
CalynxDavid Gyles
Lord DramaleighAndrew McPhee
Captain FitzbattleaxeNick Sales
Captain Sir Edward Corcoran KCBMichael Redfearn
Mr GoldburySimon Theobald
Sir Bailey Barre QC MPMark Pollard
Mr BlushingtonMelvyn White
The Princess ZaraDeborah Norman
The Princess NekayaRebecca Gresson
The Princess KalybaDaniela Hursthouse
The Lady SophyIrene Cassidy

Director:  Andrew Nicklin    Chorus Master:  Stephen Godward

Scaphio, I think you once told me you have never loved!
(Scaphio and Phantis)
A King of autocratic
power we
(King Paramount)
We're brought up on the English scheme
(Nekaya and Kalyba)
Our famous look of mild surprise!
Bold space ranger!
(Lady Sophie)
I'm the eldest daughter
of your king
(Princess Zara)
For we are her escort -
First Life Guards!
He represents a military scheme in all its proud perfection
(Captain Fitzbattleaxe)
Ye wanderers from a
mighty State, Oh, teach
us how to legislate
(the Flowers of Progress)
Society has quite forsaken This ceremonial our wish displays With wily brain upon the spot
(Phantis, Tarara and Scaphio)
Oh, sweet surprise and
dear delight!
(Goldbury, Nekaya, Kalyba and Lord Dramaleigh)
When but a maid of
fifteen year
Why, I had forgotten the most esential element of all! But an hour will come!