Monday 2 August 1999

Daytime activities:

2.30 pm - The Sir Arthur Sullivan Society Lecture by Stephen Turnbull

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "Princess Ida"
- Bristol G&S Society

10.00 pm - Festival Club and Cabaret


Princess Ida - Bristol G&S Society

King HildebrandPeter Naish
HilarionMichael Ferris
CyrilCliff Evans
FlorianPhil Pover
King GamaIan Stewart
AracTony Turner
GuronJohn Treloar
ScynthiusDavid Evans
Princess IdaTracey Dittman
Lady BlancheLiz Wetherell
Lady PsycheCilla Moncrieff
MelissaJoan Walke
SacharissaIsobel Gordon
ChloeBarbara Burt
AdaSue Ball
JesterSheila Pow

Producer:  Peggy de Lacy Adams   Musical Director:  Gavin Hulbert
Choreographer:  Joan Walke 

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Search throughout ,br>the panorama So this is Castle Hildebrand?
(Guron, Arac, Scynthius
with King Gama)
Oh, dainty triolet!
Oh, fragrant violet!
(Florian, Hilarion and Cyril)
Towards the empyrean heights
Oh, goddess wise
(Princess Ida)
Haughty, humble, coy,
or free!
The world is but
a broken toy
And I'm peppery kind of King
(King Hildebrand with Princess Ida)
To yield at once to such a foe with shame were rife please you, do not hurt us
(Melissa - center)
One's brothers, ma'am,
are men!
(Lady Blanche)
Father! Thou art free!