Thursday 5 August 1999

Daytime activities:

2.30 pm - "In the Carte" with Michael Rayner

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "Ruddigore"- SavoyNet

10.00 pm - Festival Club and Cabaret



SavoyNet is an electronic mailing list dedicated to discusion of W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, their operas and related matters. Following the SavoyNet success with Trial by Jury at the Festival in 1998, Ruddigore was organised and cast via SavoyNet. The members of the international Company from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, the UK and the USA meet for their first rehearsal on the Sunday morning prior to the performance.

For further information about SavoyNet visit the home page on


Sir Ruthven MurgatroydSamuel Silvers
Richard DauntlessIan Hollamby
Sir Despard MurgatroydDavid Craig
Old Adam GoodheartIrv Hodgkin
Sir Roderick MurgatroydTony Smith
Rose MaybudShani D'Cruze
Mad MargaretKay Byler
Dame HannahCarole Round
ZorahSharon Brindle
RuthJulie Bjerregaard

Director: David Duffey    Musical Director: Larry Garvin    Producer: Stephen Hill

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Fair is Rose as bright May day Every day, as the days roll on
He ruthlessly employed in persecuting witches
(Dame Hannah with bridesmaids)
And on the day he said that say, in agony he died!
(Dame Hannah)
They eat peas with a knife! Now tell me pray,
and tell me true
(Robin and Rose Maybud)
Poor little man!
Poor little maid!
From the briny sea comes young Richard, all victorious!
Embraces his bride
(Finale Act 1)
I am the spectre of the late
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd)
We were the victims of circumstances!
(Sir Despard and Mad Margaret)
The international curtain call!

Please note that the bulk of the images were taken during the dress rehearsal - the photographer was in the production!