Friday 6 August 1999

Daytime activities:

2.30 pm - "Cox & Box" - A fully professional presentation of the original 1866 one hour version

4.30 pm - 6.30 pm - Auditions for Festival Production - "The Gondoliers"

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "The Zoo" & "The Sorcerer"
- Rosehill Musical Society

10.00 pm - Festival Club and Cabaret


Rosehill Musical Society

The Rose Hill Musical Society is delighted to be returning to make its fourth appearance at Buxton. Now in its 73rd Season, the Society's roots go back to 1926, when members of Rose Hill Methodist Sunday School formed a choir to give concerts in the Derby area. In 1933 Trial by Jury was staged with resounding success and this led to annual presentations of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas ever since.

Two shows, two casts and twice the work, but Rose Hill are able to do this all from their own membership without bringing in 'guest stars' from outside, such is the strength and dedication of the Society's members.

The Zoo

Aesculapius Carboy Adrian
Eliza Smith Margaret Featherstone
Thomas BrownAndrew Hunt
LaetitiaKirsten Cobb
Mr GrinderJonathan Godfrey
Assistant Zookeeper Walter

The Sorcerer

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre Jonathan Godfrey
Alexis Pointdextre Tony Luke
Dr Daly Peter Featherstone
NotaryMalcolm Worton
John Wellington Wells Patrick Dawson
Lady Annabella Sangazure Sue Leahy
Aline Sangazure Kathryn Fitchett
Mrs Zora Partlet Allison Griffiths
Constance Partlet Ellen Godfrey
Hercules Paul Lawlor

Production Directors: Ellen Godfrey, Gordon Humphries
Musical Director: David Blackwell

The Zoo

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He breathes again
(Thomas and Eliza)
Out of the light,
out of my sight
(Laetitia, Carboy and Grinder)
My love! My Life
My dove! My wife!
(Eliza and Thomas)
We Britons never never will be slaves

The Sorcerer

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Constance, my daughter,
why this strange depression?
(Mrs Partlet and Constance)
When he is cold, I weep
for sorrow
May fortune bless you!
(Sir Marmaduke, Dr Daly
and Alexis)
Oh, happy young heart!
All is prepared!
(The Notary)
Our Prophetic Tablets ....
(J W Wells)
We will proceed at once to the incantation The village celebrates in Charlston style!
Oh, marvelous illusion! The family vault! All engaged to so-and-so! The finale