Saturday 7 August 1999

Daytime activities:

All Day - Memorabilia Fair

10.30 am - "Musical Memories of Gilbert & Sullivan" - Thomas Round

2.30 pm - "Iolanthe"
- G&S Opera Company

Evening activities:

7.00 pm - Singing from the Gallery

7.30 pm - "Iolanthe"
- G&S Opera Company

10.00 pm - Festival Club & Singalong


Iolanthe - G&S Opera Company

Lord Chancellor Richard Suart
Earl of Mountararat Gareth Jones
Earl Tolloller Philip Potter
Private Willis Michael Rayner
Strephon Mark Oldfield
Queen of the Fairies Gillian Knight
Iolanthe Maria Jones
Celia Victoria Joyce
Leila Karen England
Fleta Andrea Smith
Phyllis Rebecca Knight
Lord Chancellor's Attendant John Savournin Jnr

Directed by: Alistair Donkin     Conducted by: David Steadman

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We are dainty little fairies Rise - thou art pardoned!
(Iolanthe and Fairy Queen)
None shall part us
(Strephon and Phyllis)
Though the views of the House have diverged
(Lord Mountararat with The Lord Chancellor and Tolloller)
I'm very much pained to refuse My Lord, I know no Courts
of Chancery
(The Lord Chancellor
and Strephon)
I think I heard him say And a Duke's exalted station be attainable by Competitive Examination!
You're a very fine fellow, sir
(Private Willis and
the Fairy Queen)
George, you're a noble fellow! Faint heart never won
fair lady!!
Iolanthe! Thou livest?
Bow thy head to destiny Soon as we may, off and away House of Peers for
House of Peris!
The curtain call