Tuesday 10 August 1999

Daytime activities:

2.30 pm - An introduction to Alan Sanday's "Maid in Japan" video (based on the Mikado)

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "Yeomen of the Guard"
- Derby G&S Company

10.00 pm - Festival Club and Cabaret


Maid in Japan

A new libretto by Alan Sanday
New Orchestrations by Alan Biddle
Original Production by Roberta Morrell

This rewrite of The Mikado is a humorous look at romance, set against a background of curruption in a Japanese-owned factory in England.

This work had its World Premiere in Coventry, successfully performed by Coventry Savoy Opera Society in March 1998.

Applications to:

Alan Sanday
1 Lunn Avenue

Yeomen of the Guard - Derby G&S Company

Sir Richard Cholmondeley Simon Theobald
Colonel Fairfax Nick Sales
Sergeant Meryll Michael Tipler
Leonard Meryll Andrew McPhee
Jack Point Howard Nelson
Wilfred Shadbolt Stephen Godward
The Headsman Bill Dugard
First Yeoman Pete Bostock
Second Yeoman Mark Pollard
Citizen Alan Hough
Elsie Maynard Elizabeth Watkins
Phoebe Meryll Dawn Foxall
Dame Carruthers Margaret Askam
Kate Lesley Cassidy

Director: Andrew Nicklin     Musical Director: Christine Nicklin

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In the autumn of our life
(Sgt Meryll with the Yeomen)
When our gallant Norman foes
(Dame Carruthers)
Dark danger hangs upon
the deed!
(Sgt Meryll, Phoebe and Leonard Meryll)
My old friend, we meet
but sadly
(Colonel Fairfax and
The Lieutenant)
Here's a man of jollity
(Jack Point)
Wouldst thou earn an hundred crowns?
(The Lieutenant)
'Tis done! I am a bride!
(Elsie Maynard)
Say that we are wed - suppose it only
(Wildred Shadbolt
and Phoebe)
Good sir, we are betrothed The prisoner comes to meet his doom Tell a tale of cock and bull He was creeping -
He was crawling -
It is purely a matter of skill, which all may attain if they will Rapture, rapture!
Doleful, doleful!
A suppliant at thy feet I fall As he sighed for the love of a ladye!