Wednesday 11 August 1999

Daytime activities:

10.30 am - The eclipse and a selection of Gilbert's weather songs

2.30 pm - A Disagreeable Man? - Charles Pemberton

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "The Grand Duke"
- Seattle G&S Society

10.00 pm - Festival Club and Cabaret featuring Seattle G&S and their 26 piece orchestra


The Grand Duke - Seattle G&S Society

Olga Angie Barttels
Elsa Lynda Sue Welch
Bertha Nina Tilander
Gretchen Catie Wilson
Ludwig Garrett Brown
Lisa Edie Hoppin
Dr Tannhauser William Darkow
Martha Diane Driscoll
Ernest Dummkopf Jon Palmason
Julia Jellicoe Christine Peters
Grand Duke Rudolph David Ross
Baroness von Krakenfeldt Sharon Lone-Browder
Herald Nat Whitman
The Prince of Monte Carlo Jeff Caldwell
The Princess of Monte Carlo Jennifer Rae
Ben Hashbaz Nathan Rodda
Viscount Mentone William Hamer

Accompanied by the Seattle G&S Society Orchestra

Producer: Mike Storie     Stage Director: Hal Ryder
Music Director: Alan Lund

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Won't it be a pretty wedding? Who am I to raise objection?
You must eat a sausage roll
But each a card shall draw
Sing Hearts and diamonds, Spades and Clubs
(Notary, Lisa, Ludwig,
Ernest and Julia)
The good Grand Duke of Pfennig Halbpfennig I don't indulge in levity
(The Grand Duke Rudolph)
To think what joys our wealth would bring
(Baroness and Rudolph)
According to professional position?
(Lisa and Julia
So, spectre appalling Come bumpers Oh, he's a Duke, is he?
(The Prince of Monte Carlo)
And his be-autiful daughter
(The Princess of Monte Carlo)
But Papa, where in the world is the Court? The Ace shall count invariably as lowest The curtain call