Friday 13 august 1999

Daytime activities:

2.30 pm - "Gilbert & Sullivan - the very models" Barry Purves discusses the Christmas TV screening of his animated film

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "The Gondoliers"
- The Festival Production

10.00 pm - Festival Club Cabaret and
"Trial by Jury" Pot Luck


The Gondoliers - Festival Production

The Duke of Plaza ToroHoward Turnbull (Cardiff)
LuizKelsey Thornton (Stockport)
Don Alhambra del Bolero Tony Smith (Lincoln)
Marco PalmieriDaren Marriott (Warrington)
Guiseppe PalmieriStephen Godward (Nottingham)
AntonioDavid Duffey (Peterborough)
FrancescoRichard Beck (Marple)
GiorgioIrv Hodgkin (Maine, USA)
The Duchess of Plaza-ToroPauline M Weiss (Taunton)
CasildaRuth Walland (Stafford)
GianettaEileen Jackson (Cheadle)
TessaKaren Rice (Virginia, USA)
FiamettaSusan Jane Evans (Swansea)
VittoriaKatrina McWilliams (Sheffield)
Guilia Josephine Savournin (Sheffield)
Inez Sandra Vamplew (Sidcup)

Director: Pamela Leighton-Bilik     Musical Director: Andrew Nicklin

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Roses white and roses red Tra la la la la ....
(Antonio and chorus)
We're called gondolieri
(Marco and Guiseppe)
They will never, never, never cross the sea again!
(The Duke, Duchess, Casilda
and Luiz)
And now, my love, prepare
for a magnificent surprise
(The Duke and Casilda)
Both of the babes were
strong and stout
(Don Alhambra)
Try we lifelong When a merry maiden marries
Kind sir, you cannot have
the heart
There is only one recipe for perfect happiness
(Guiseppe and Marco)
Dance a Cachucha! Gentlemen, I am the most obedient servant of one of you
Don't be so deucedly condescending Here is a case unprecedented! My own small boy I
deftly substituted!
When others claimed
thy dainty hand
(Casilda and Luiz)