Saturday 14 August 1999

Daytime activities:

2.30 pm - "Patience"
- G&S Opera Company

Evening activities:

7.00 pm - Singing from the Gallery

7.30 pm - "Patience"
- G&S Opera Company

10.00 pm - Festival Club Cabaret and "Sorcerer" Pot Luck


Patience - G&S Opera Company

Colonel Calverley Gareth Jones
Major Murgatroyd Michael Rayner
Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable David Fieldsend
Reginald Bunthorne Richard Suart
Archibald Grosvenor Matthew Hargreaves
Bunthorne's Solicitor Alan Jackson
Lady Angela Maria Jones
Lady Saphir Karen England
Lady Ella Victoria Joyce
Lady Jane Gillian Knight
Patience Rebecca Knight

Director: Anthony Besch    Musical Director: David Steadman
Choreography: Christopher Beeching

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Twenty love-sick maidens we I cannot tell what this
love may be
The soldiers of our Queen What time the poet
hath hymned
(Patience, Bunthorn, Lady Jane and the maidens)
Your maiden hearts,
ah, do not steel
(The Duke)
I am called "Archibald
the All-Right"
Teasing Tom was a very
bad boy
I don't believe you know
what love is
(Bunthorne and Patience)
Sing "Booh to you -
pooh, pooh to you"
(Bunthorne and Lady Jane)
You hold yourself like this
(Major, Colonel and Duke)
The Duke has at length determined to select a bride! Greatly pleased with
one another
(Patience and Grosvenor)