Wednesday 28 July 1999

Daytime activities:

1.30 pm - Symposium - "The relevance of G&S today"

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "The Gondoliers"
- Sheaf Comic Opera

10.00 pm - Opening night of the Festival Club, including Cabaret


Symposium - Day 1

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Ralph McPhail presenting
"The Mikado - Red, Hot and Swing"
Peter Parker initiates a discussion on the relative popularity of G&S in the USA and the UK

Sheaf Comic Opera

Sheaf Comic Opera is a new name on the local amateur scene in Sheffield, although the audience may recognise a few names from South Yorkshire Savoy Players (Princess Ida - Buxton 1998).

The leading exponents of Gilbert and Sullivan in Sheffield for many years were the City Comic Opera society, sadly now defunct, whose first production in 1945 was also The Gondoliers. Both Judy and John Savournin were members of the CCOS for over twenty years and enjoyed some of their happiest Gilbert and Sullivan experiences during those years. They hope that Sheaf Comic Opera will achieve a similar standing in the hearts of the Sheffield people.

The Gondoliers

The Duke of Plaza ToroRay Smith
LuizChristopher Priest
Don Alhambra del Bolero John K Savournin
Marco PalmieriMelvin White
Guiseppe PalmieriSteven Ash
AntonioAlan Wade
FrancescoRichard Bainbridge
GiorgioFrank Burgin
AnnibaleJeff Mills
The Duchess of Plaza-ToroJudy Savournin
CasildaCatherine Davison
GianettaElizabeth Watkins
TessaJo Savournin
FiamettaAlison Crane
VittoriaKatrina McWilliams
Guilia Pauline Hepkin
Inez Margaret McWilliams

Producer: Judy Savournin     Musical Director: Hugh A Finnigan

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We are called Gondolieri
(Marco and Giuseppe)
My Papa, he keeps three horses That's so like a band!
(The Duchess)
In Enterprise of
Martial Kind
(Casilda, Luiz,
Duchess and Duke)

When alone together
(Casilda and Luiz)
You were not thinking of either of us for yourself, I presume?
(Giannetta, Don Alhambra Del Bolero and Tessa)
Then one of us will be a Queen
(Marco, Giannetta,
Tessa and Giuseppe)
Then away we go to
an island fair

Dance a Cachucha Their great double barrel
(The Duchess and The Duke)
When half of myself has married to half of ye or you?
(Gianetta, Marco, Casilda, Giuseppe and Tessa)
My own small boy I
deftly substituted