Thursday 29 July 1999

Daytime activities:

9.30 am - Symposium - "The importance of G&S in schools and education" Symposium - continuation

3.00 am - Gilbert & Sullivan Rarities
Bruce Miller and Helga J Perry

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "Patience"
- Children's Festival Production

10.00 pm - Festival Club and Cabaret


Gilbert & Sullivan Rarities:
Music from the Cutting-Room Floor

Severnside Theatre Ensemble
Leader: Geoff Short
Musical Director: Bruce I Miller

with special guests
Michael Rayner and Jean Hindmarsh

also featuring
Leon Berger

Camilla Bassett-Smith, Sue Black, Patrick Briddon, David Johnson, Robert Kay,
Fiona McNaughton, Christine Manifold, Liz Organ, Paul D Scott, Joan Self


The Mikado: Something could possibly be more satisfactory
The Yeomen of the Guard: The Missing Link
Iolanthe's Multiple Personality Disorder
HMS Pinafore: Reflections on "Reflect my child" (includes the World premiere performed by Michael Rayner and Jean Hindmarsh with orchestral accompaniment)
The Pirates of Penzance The Kitchen Sink Finale

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Helga Perry and Bruce Miller Bruce Miller conducting the orchestra and soloists -
Jean Hindmarsh and
Michael Rayner - in the World Premiere performance of
"Reflect, my child"

Children are the future and the festival was established with children very much in mind. Three years ago there was a Buxton group of children performing The Mikado with adult principals. In 1997 there was a chorus of approaching 200 Californian school children backing adult principals in a performance of The Mikado in Berkeley. And in the last two years in Buxton there was a Children's Festival Production of Trial by Jury in 1997 involving children from all around the world. Last year a full HMS Pinafore - once again auditioned, rehearsed and staged within one week - was produced. So successful was the show that the forumula has been repeated this year with Patience.


Colonel CalverleyJonathan Shipley (16)
Major MurgatroydLeandro Martins (11)
Duke of DunstableMark A Scott (14)
Corporal CopperthwaiteChris Edge (14)
Reginald BunthorneJohn M Savournin (13)
Archibald GrosvenorAdam Hepkin (14)
Dr FreudPeter Scott (16)
The Lady AngelaEmma R Mills (15)
The Lady SaphirMadeline Teahan (12)
The Lady EllaRosie Langley (13)
Lady DaphneJoanne Vickers (14)
The Lady JaneKatrina McWilliams (14)
PatienceHollie Beth Denton (13)
Young PatienceAnna Grady (9)
Young GrosvenorShorele A Hepkin (9)

Director: Pamela Leighton-Bilik     Musical Director: Hugh A Finnigan

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Twenty love sick maidens I cannot tell what this
love may be
If you want a receipt for
that popular mystery
(The Colonel)
So I joined this second-class Cavalry Regiment
(The Duke)

There, every mother's son Cling passionately to
one another and think
of faint lillies
(Bunthorne with Lady Jane)
Will you please read
it to us, sir?
(Lady Jane, Bunthorne and Lady Angela)
I may say, at once, I'm a man of propertee
(Patience and Grosvenor)

We will never, never part!
(Patience and Grosvenor)
A hideous curse on his solicitor - Ian Smith guesting as the oldest child in Buxton I hear the soft note Oh, list while we a love confess