Friday 30 July 1999

Daytime activities:

9.30 am - "Open debate and conclusions" Symposium - final sessions

2.30 pm - "A Sensation Novel"
- The Cheshire Set

Evening activities:

7.30 pm - "Yeomen of the Guard"
- G&S Opera Company

10.00 pm - Festival Club with quiz


A Sensation Novel presented by 'The Cheshire Set'

Cast in order of appearance

The AuthorMalcolm Kindon (Warrington Light Opera) (baritone)
The Spirit of RomanceStephen Hill (Warrington Light Opera) (bass)
Lady Rockalda, the yellow-haired fiend
with the panther-like movement
Anne Allwright (Poynton G&S) (contralto)
Sir Ruthven Glenaloon, the wicked baronetMike Nash (Poynton G&S) (baritone)
Herbert, the virtuous young Sunday School teacherKelsey Thornton (Poynton G&S) (tenor)
Alice Grey, the virtuous young governessJulia Kindon (Warrington Light Opera) (soprano)
Gripper, the detectiveStephen Hill
Tom Sittybank, the bus conductorMike Nash

Produced By:  the Cast (very democratically)
Musical Director:  Mike Nash (fairly despotically)
Accompanist:  Joyce Noon (Warrington Light Opera)
Stage Manager:  Christine Mills (Warrington Light Opera)

Music composed by Mike Nash © M.P. Nash 1999
Except "Oh, Agony! And Oh, Despair! (The Tyrannical Bridegroom)"

Further information about A Sensation Novel (In three Volumes)

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The Author with Gripper,
the detective
Gripper and Lady Rockalda Sir Ruthven Glenaloon,
Alice Grey, Gripper, Lady Rockalda and Herbert
Sir Ruthven Glenaloon
and Alice Grey

Yeomen of the Guard - G&S Opera Company

Jack PointSimon Butteriss
Phoebe MeryllKaren England
Wilfred ShadboltGareth Jones
Dame CarruthersGillian Knight
Sergeant MeryllMichael Rayner
Leonard MeryllLincoln Scott
Sir Richard CholmondeleyBruce Graham
Colonel FairfaxDavid Fieldsend
Elsie MaynardLorna Rushton
First YeomenAlistair Armit
Second YeomenNathaniel Gibb
KateVictoria Joyce

Directed By:  Alan Spencer
Musical Director:  David Steadman

Coverage of this production will be on Saturday 31 July.