Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Philadelphia Diary, 1996

by Marc Shepherd

  • Day Five: Wednesday, July 24
  • Day Six: Thursday, July 25
  • Day Seven: Friday, July 26
  • Day Eight: Saturday, July 27
  • Conclusion, 1999

  • Preface

    I have written a diary, be it long or brief, for each of the Gilbert and Sullivan Festivals that I have attended. This diary of the 1996 Festival in Philadelphia never quite got finished. After three years of dallying, I decided to take the wraps off and publish the diary as it now stands.

    My notes for a couple of the events are sketchy, and I fear it is too late to reconstruct them in my mind. I have completely lost my notes of the final day. Nevertheless, I believe that I completed enough of the diary to make it worthy of submission to the archive.

    I have not altered my impressions of the time, even where the predictions of 1996 have not come true. Back then, for example, it appeared that Festivals outside of Buxton would become a regular occurrence, with even a visit to Australia being seriously considered. It is now clear that this has no realistic chance of happening in the foreseeable future.

    I hope that this diary succeeds in bringing some of the magic of Phylly-96 to those who weren't there, and that it revives happy memories for those who were.


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