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WSG to The Era, May 6, 1877 (issue 2015), p. 12

Miss Hodson and Mr. Gilbert

To the Editor of The Era

Sir, – I decline to gratify Miss Hodson by any further discussion in the columns of a newspaper.  I have referred the question between us to counsel, and I shall be guided entirely by the result.  If I am advised that the letters between Mr. Buckstone and Mr. Howe, inserted in last week’s Era, are sufficient to exonerate me from the charge of having acted unfairly towards Miss Hodson, I can well afford to let the matter rest where it is.  If, on the other hand, I am advised that it is necessary that I should place the matter before a jury, I shall most certainly adopt that course.  In any case, I propose to trouble you with no further correspondence on the subject.

  I am, your obedient servant,
24, The Boltons, 2nd May, 1877.

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