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WSG to The Era, May 27, 1877 (issue 2018), p. 13


To the Editor of The Era

Sir, – It is unfortunate that Mr. Lewis should have mislaid the letter upon which the verification of Miss Hodson’s statement depends.  Fortunately, however, I have a pressed copy of the letter in my letter-book.  I will send Mr. Lewis a copy, and he will at once admit that he is entirely mistaken in supposing that I expressed any regret, or offered any apology, for my share in the transaction.  In that letter I expressly stated – I quote from memory – that I had not at any time placed such restrictions on Miss Hodson "as would practically prevent her from following her profession," and I expressed my readiness to allow Miss Hodson to play in my pieces provided that she consented to meet me on an amicable footing for the purposes of rehearsal.  The letter-book is open to Mr. Lewis’s inspection at any time that he may appoint.

  Your obedient servant
Junior Carlton Club, 19th May, 1877.

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