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WSG to The Era, March 18, 1882 (issue 2269), p. 8

Messrs. Solomons [sic] and Stephens.

  To the Editor of The Era

Sir, – Mr. D’Oyly Carte will arrive in England in a few days, and will probably express his opinion upon Messrs. Solomons and Stephens’s claim to use the Savoy Theatre to their own ends.  In the meantime I am requested by Mr. Cellier to state that when he mentioned the fact that he had been honoured by an invitation to Messrs. Solomons and Stephens’s projected entertainments he was not aware that it had been issued to him under the seal of secrecy.  Mr. Cellier is wholly unacquainted with the code of etiquette prevailing among the class of persons who give unauthorised performances, and he may possibly have inadvertently transgressed it.

    I am, Sir,
  Your obedient servant
Savoy Theatre, 16th March, 1882.

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