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"Miss Henrietta Hodson and Mr. W.S. Gilbert."  Sunday Times, Apr. 28, 1877, issue 2820, p. 5.


Sir, - Miss Henrietta Hodson has thought proper to address a letter to the members of the dramatic profession in which she describes certain so-called "persecutions"  which she claims to have suffered at my hands.  As I have referred the matter to my solicitors, I will not trouble you with any detailed reply to the gross mis-statements contained in Miss Hodson’s pamphlet.  Perhaps, however, you will allow me to submit to your readers two letters (one from Mr Buckstone and the other from Mr Howe) which completely exonerate me from Miss Hodson’s principal charge—that I have persistently intrigued to thwart her interests since her engagement at the Haymarket Theatre.  — I am, Sir, your obedient servant,


24, The Boltons, 25th April, 1877.

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