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"Charles Martin, Vocalist."  Daily Telegraph, no, 11,723, Dec. 12, 1892, p. 3.


SIR, - My appeal on behalf of this poor old ballad-singer has produced a sum of nearly £100; moreover, some amateurs at Watford have generously offered to give a performance of "Pygmalion and Galatea" for his benefit.  I have supplied him with a complete outfit of new warm clothing, and I have promised to allow him a weekly sum of at least one guinea for life, but as the old gentleman requires epical and constant attention (for he is almost blind and extremely feeble) it is very likely that this allowance will have to be increased.  In any case, I will supply whatever further amount is required to keep him in respectability and comfort for the rest of his days, and if there should, unfortunately, be a surplus I propose to send it to the Mansion House poor-box.  I trust that this arrangement will satisfy the 201 contributors who have so generously responded to my appeal.

It would be unreasonable to ask you to acknowledge so many donations in detail; I have, however, written to thank all who have favoured me with their names and addresses.  Charles Martin desires me to express his heartfelt gratitude to those who have assisted him in this emergency, and begs me to assure them that he feels like the Duke of Westminster. – I am, Sir, your obedient servant,


Grim’s Dyke, Harrow Weald, Dec. 10.

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