Gilbert's Letter to The Times of 28 November 1885
Issue 31616, pg. 11 col E

Caution to Travellers

Sir,--Expecting to arrive in Paris from Venice on or about the 15th inst., I instructed my servants in London to address my letters to the Grand Hotel, Paris, on and after the 13th inst. I did not reach Paris until early on the 18th, and on making inquiries at the Grand Hotel, I found that, in accordance with a new and (as it seems to me) arbitrary rule of that establishment, the letters, five in number, had been returned to the General Post Office the previous day. I requested the manager to make inquiries, which, after a day's delay, he appears to have done, and he informed me that the letters had been despatched that day to my London address. A week has elapsed, and these letters have not yet reached me, and as the manager of the Grand Hotel declines to interest himself further in the matter, I address myself to you in the hope that my experience may serve as a caution to other travellers similarly situated.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

London, Nov. 26.


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