Gilbert's Letter to The Times of 15 April 1892
Issue 33613, pg. 4 col F

The Lyric Choristers

Sir,--My application for an injunction to restrain Mr. Sedger from dismissing eight of the choristers employed in The Mountebanks was made, not so much in my own interests (for I had long ceased to concern myself with the course of events at the Lyric Theatre) as in those of the unfortunate choristers, who, having devoted from two to three months to unpaid and very arduous rehearsals, now find themselves unexpectedly dismissed, "on the ground of economy," in the middle of the run of a piece which is still playing to large profits.

By Mr. Justice Stirling's order, my application is to stand over until next term for further evidence; but as the effect of this postponement is that in the meantime the choristers on whose behalf I am interesting myself will all have been dismissed, and as, under my agreement, I have no power to insist on their individual re-engagement, the principal object I had in view is frustrated, and I have, therefore, instructed my solicitor to discontinue further proceedings.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

Harrow Weald, April 14.
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