Gilbert's Letter to The Times of 23 October 1894
Issue 34402, pg. 6, col C

The Lady Interviewer

Sir,--A few days ago a lady who styles herself the Comtesse de Brémont wrote to me asking me to allow her to "interview" me for St. Paul's. As I was unwilling to place myself at the mercy of the good taste and discretion of this lady (who is known to me by repute), I replied politely--but evasively--to the effect that my terms for an interview for publication were 20 guineas. This morning I received the subjoined letter, which will, perhaps, be held to fully justify my course of action in practically declining the honour which the Comtesse de Brémont proposed to confer upon me.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

Harrow Weald, Oct. 20.
Granville-house, Arundel-street, Strand, W.C.,
London, Oct. 19

The Comtesse de Brémont presents her compliments to Mr. W.S. Gilbert, and in reply to his answer to her request for an interview for St. Paul's, in which he states his terms as 20 guineas for that privilege, begs to say that she anticipates the pleasure of writing his obituary notice for nothing.

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