Gilbert's Letter to The Times of 2 October 1902
Issue 36888, pg. 5 col F

The Motor Problem

Sir,--Your correspondent "W.N." states that my case is an argument in favour of driving carefully round corners. My letter explains that I was not driving round a corner, but travelling on a perfectly straight road.

He further states that, as a novice in motoring, I should not have travelled at ten or 11 miles an hour, and also that I should have sounded my horn. My letter makes it clear that I was not driving the car. It was, as I explained, in charge of a skilled driver. Moreover, there was no obvious reason for sounding my horn as the turning was not perceptible until the car was close upon it.

"W.N." might have paid me the compliment of reading my letter before undertaking to reply to it.

Your obedient servant,

Grim's Dyke, Harrow Weald.
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