Gilbert's Letter to The Times of 4 October 1902
Issue 36890, pg. 7 col B

The Motor Problem

Sir,--I am sorry to trespass upon your space again, but I trust you will permit me to quote the following extract from a letter which I have just received from the reverend gentleman who was injured in the collision with my motor:--

"I quite agree with you that, under the circumstances, the collision was inevitable. Your driver, as I feel sure would have been the case with every one who did not know the locality, did not realize that there was a turn at the corner of the wall. It is quite impossible for any one coming from the direction you did, and who does not know the country, to see it before reaching it."

This, I think, will be admitted, even by Sir R. Vesey Hamilton, to contain my complete exculpation.

Your obedient servant,

Harrow Weald, Oct. 3.
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