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Ages Ago

No. 8: Entr'acte and Recit: I breathe, I live

Sung by Lady Maud

MIDI Icon MIDI File 11K, 1 min. 38 seconds.

The stage is darkened; moonlight streams through oriel window. The clock strikes twelve, and the veil before Lady Maud's picture is withdrawn. Lady Maud is discovered full length in the frame. She sings the following recitative.

Lady Maud:
I breathe! I live! since last I saw the day,
Five tardy centuries have passed away.
No longer o'er my grave let chaplets wreathe,
My bosom throbs with life! I live! I breathe!
My bosom throbs with life! I breathe! I live!

Lady Maud descends from the frame.

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