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Dialogue following No. 1

Selene. Dear sisters, I bring news. Ere very long
Lutin, who, by the will of the great king
To whom we all yield faithful suzerainty,
Left Fairyland to join him in mid-earth,
Will home return. He is the only one
Of our immortal race
Who has set foot upon that wicked world!
Zayda. Lutin returning! He will set at rest
Our wild and wondering theories, and reveal,
In picture-painting words, the demon deeds
Of all the goblin murder-mongers that
Infest that sink of seething infamy!

Enter ETHAIS, a male Fairy, followed by PHYLLON, another male Fairy.

Ethais. In truth, dear sister, if Man's face and form
Were a true index to his character,
He were a fearsome thing to look upon.
But Man, alas! is formed as we are formed.
False from the first, he comes into the world
Wearing a smiling lie upon his face
That he may cheat ere he can use his tongue!
Darine. Darine. As we are formed?
Phyllon.   'Tis so, in very truth.
  Dost thou not know that every soul on earth
Hath, in our ranks, his fairy counterpart?
Darine. His counterpart?
Selene.   Aye, on that wicked world
  Thou, I, and all who dwell in Fairyland,
May find a parallel identity —
So perfect that, if it were possible
To place us by those earthly counterparts,
No man on earth, no fairy in the clouds
Could tell which was the fairy - which the man!
Zara. Is there no shade of difference?
Phyllon.     Yes, one,
  For we are absolutely free from sin
While all our representatives on earth
Are stained with every kind of infamy!
Zayda. Are all our counterparts so steeped in sin?
Selene. All, in a greater or a less degree.
Zayda. What, even mine?
Selene.   Alas!  
Zayda.     Oh, no — not mine!
Selene. All men and women sin!

SELENE, ETHAIS and PHYLLON retire up and exit.

Darine.   I wonder what
  My counterpart is doing now!
Zayda.     Some deed
  Detestable in its degeneracy!
Best not enquire! See, Lutin comes at last!
He'll tell thee — so prepare ye for the worst!

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