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No. 4: Song (Selene)

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    With all the misery, with all the shame
      That stain the earth,
    One holy influence these mortal claim —
      A gift of precious worth!
    The gift of Love — a shield 'gainst deadly foes
      That crowd in serried shoals —
    A Love that's anodyne to all the woes
      That wring their souls!
  Oh, kindly Love! Man, sorrowing and oppressed,
    Beneath his load of shame would surely fall,
  But for the sweet enchantment in his breast
    That tells him that he bears no load at all!
Nancy McIntosh as Selene

    In its most pure and most enduring form
      It knows no end!
    To deed of shame or stress of worldly storm
      Such love will never bend.
    Time cannot wither it, nor Death destroy;
      When the relentless Thief
    Has robbed, has robbed, has robbed it of the
        power to live on joy,
      It lives on grief!
  Oh, wondrous Love — pure as silver sky!
    When even Death has set the loved one free,
  This love supernal doth not — cannot die;
    It lives upon the loved one's memory —
      the loved one's memory,
the loved one's memory,
    It lives upon, upon the loved one's memory!

During this song the Fairies, who at the commencement were scattered over the stage, have very gradually crept nearer and nearer to her, until, at the finish, they are grouped closely around her.

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