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Dialogue following No. 5

Selene. (reflectively).  
  There is some truth in this.
Zayda.   Some truth indeed!
  Oh, terrible, dear sister, to reflect
That to our cold and culpable neglect
All mortal follies may be chargeable!
Selene. (surprised).
  To our neglect?  
Darine.   It may in truth be so!
Fleta. In very truth I'm sure that it is so!
Selene. (after a pause).
  It shall be so no more! Their sin is ours!
But there — 'tis easy still to make amends.
A mortal shall behold our sinless state,
And learn the beauties of our blameless life.
Come, let us summon mortal Ethais!
    [All delighted.
Darine. But —  
Selene.   Not a word — I am resolved to this!
Darine. But, sister —
Selene.   Well?
Darine. (timidly).   Why summon only one?
Selene. Why summon more?
Darine.     The world's incredulous;
  Let two be summoned to our sinless home;
Then should their wondrous story be received
With ridicule or incredulity,
One could corroborate the other.
Zayda.     Yes.
  Phyllon has gone with Ethais - let us call
The mortal counterpart of Phyllon too!
Selene. Two mortals! Two unhappy men of sin
In this untainted spot!
Locrine.   Well, sister dear,
  Two Heralds of the Truth will spread the Truth
At the least twice as rapidly as one!
Selene. Two miserable men! Why, one alone
Will bring enough pollution in his wake
To taint our happy land from end to end!
Zayda. Then, sister, two won't make the matter worse!
Selene. There's truth in that! [After a pause.
    The two shall come to us!
  [All the Fairies are delighted. SELENE looks reprovingly
at them, and they at once become demure.
(severely). We have deserved this fearful punishment! [All the Fairies sigh.
  Our power, I think, is limited to two?  
Locrine. Unfortunately!  
Selene.   Yes. More might be done
  Had each of us a pupil to herself.

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