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No. 12a: Song (Selene)1

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  Oh love, that rulest in our land,
    Dread Autocrat of Good and Ill,
  What would'st thou in our fairy band?
    What mission comest to fulfil?
Declare to me thy sov'reign will,
Thy sov'reign will!
      Art thou a never-failing source
        Of all the joy a heart can hold?
      Or talisman that runs its course
        As minister of woes, of woes untold.
    Dread Autocrat of Good or Ill,
Declare to me thy sov'reign will!
Declare to me, declare to me thy sov'reign will!

  Oh, Ethais, thou art godly wise —
    Untutored thou in shameful art;
  No treason lurks in those brave eyes —
    No falsehood in that gallant heart!
There treachery can take no part,
Can take no part.
      The fervour of thy love devout
        Dreads no unworthy plan or plot;
      Love is the very death of doubt.
        I love, I love thee and I doubt thee not .
    I dread no shameful plan or plot
I love thee, love thee and doubt thee not!
I love thee, I love thee and I doubt, I doubt thee not!

1. This number was not sung at the first performance and does not appear in the published Vocal Score.
Gilbert would try to prevent it being sung by Amy Evans, Nancy McIntosh's replacement as Selene.

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