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Dialogue following No. 15

Darine. (looking off).    
  Here comes the miserable, mincing jade,
With a fair speech upon her lying lips,
To meet the sister whom her evil arts
Have robbed of more than life. Oh, hypocrite!
Selene. Darine!    
Darine. (changing her manner).
    My sister — my beloved one!
  Why, thou art sad; thine eyes are dim with tears.
Say, what has brought thee grief?
Selene. (with joy). Darine, my own!
  Thou dost not shun me, then?
Darine. Shun thee, my sweet Selene? No, not I!
Selene. Bless thee for that! I feared to meet thy face,
For all my loved companions turned from me
With scornful jest and bitter mockery;
Thou, thou, Darine, alone art true to me!
Darine. True to Selene while Selene breathes!
Come, tell me all thy woes.
Selene.     My Ethais —
  He whom I love so fondly — he is ill,
And I am powerless to heal his wound!
Darine, my love may die!
Darine. (wildly). What can be done?
  Oh, I would give my fairyhood to save
The man thou lovest, oh, my dearly loved!
But stay — the counterpart of Lutin is
At once his henchman and his cunning leech:
Lutin has gone to earth — cast thou this flower
And summon mortal Lutin to his aid;
He hath a charm to heal thy lover's wound!
Selene. Kind Heaven reward thee for thy ready wit!
My sister, thou hast saved both him and me —
  My darling sister!   [embracing her.
Darine. (aside). Oh, thou hypocrite!
Selene. Fair rose, I name thee Lutin — go to earth
And hither send the mortal counterpart
Of him whose name thou hast, and may kind Heaven
Prosper thy mission! Kiss me, dear Darine,
For thou hast saved my Ethais for me! [Kisses her and exit.
Darine. No, not for thee, good sister — for myself! [Exit DARINE.

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